Listen to a special performance by Johanna Knutsson and then a follow up interview with Ras Kjærbo.

Johanna Knutsson caught the music bug in 2008, she promptly moved to Berlin from her native  Sweden, buying her very own set of Technics and a mixer along the way. Finding her inspiration Berlin’s  people, clubs and surroundings, it wasn’t long before Johanna was well and truly entrenched in the  city’s vast and varied music scene.  

Her first release “Heavy baby” (featuring a Minilogue remix) was released on Klasse Recordings in  March 2011. Soon after she remixed the award winning Swedish band This is Head’s track “De Trop” . 2012 saw the release of her second EP on Klasse “Support EP” with remixes from both Esther Duijn  and Sacha Robotti an was promptly followed by a string of well received collaborations with Hans Berg  on various labels such as Fullbarr, Klasse Recordings and The Free Spirit Society. In between all this  Johanna hosts a monthly show in National Swedish Radio (called Musikguiden) as well as a bimonthly  Sweat Lodge Radio show.  

More recently, Johanna and Klasse Recordings head Luca Lozano have founded vinyl only cult label  Zodiac 44, releasing the likes of Dungeon Acid, Analogue Cops, John Heckle and more. 

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