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Latest from the Blog

13:15 – 13:25 Nalija -LIVE

Nalija was born and raised in Malmö, southern Sweden but found her home in the sound of American Soul/R&B by the young age of six. By the release of ‘Cooleyhighharmony’ in 1991, Boyz II Men became the lighthouse for her musical curiosity, leading the way to the sounds of Babyface, Brian McKnight, Brandy and LaurynContinue reading “13:15 – 13:25 Nalija -LIVE”

16:30 – 17:00 ALBIN – LIVE

Albin Johansson is a musician and producer based in Malmö. His music is a mix of electro, krautrock, and minimalism, made by using analog synthesizers and drum machines. Since 2013, he has had several releases on different labels and played over 100 shows in various places such as Malmö, Berlin, Vienna, and New York. InContinue reading “16:30 – 17:00 ALBIN – LIVE”

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