13:45 – 14:15 “Dance of Urgency” – Bogomir Doringer

Bogomir Doringer will be sharing his ongoing research into club culture as a mirror but also as reaction to socio-political changes. What are functions of dances that happen at clubs and music festivals or on the streets and how he established the term “Dance of urgency”. A dance that rises in times of personal and collective crises, such a dance aims to empower individuals and groups. Bogomir will share with us his thoughts of the power of dance and why humans need and must move, when for centuries dance has been seen as dangerous by many. 

Bogomir Doringer is Serbian / Dutch artist, researcher and curator. He is doing Artistic Research PhD at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with the ongoing research project “I Dance Alone” that observes clubbing from a birds-eye-view as a mirror or reaction to social and political changes. Investigating collective and individual dynamics of the dance floor. For more then 10 years he was researching ritual of masking in the post 9/11 society and role of mask in contemporary times, under the title FACELESSS. Bogomir is curator and head of education and research at Nxt Museum in Amsterdam. He is speaking and teaching internationally. He is co-curator of Frei(T)räume – the public day of Stadt Nach Acht conference since 2014. Have been contributing to various international music festivals, club programs and institutions.