We start the morning and are greeted with some beautiful music from Jonathan Stirner.

Jonatan Stirner in his own words:
“I’m a guitarist and composer, whose musical expression is driven by improvisation, rooted in jazz and classical music.
I have many years of musical studies from various folk high schools, and from an artistic candidate in improvisation from the Academy of music and drama in Gothenburg. I have composed for, and led a number of different projects, including the trio ‘Jonis Express’ whose debut album got uplifted in the Swedish national radioprogram ‘Jazzradion’.

I see improvisation as a tool to reach out, both to the listener and the other musicians – A language that is constantly taking on new forms, based on the moment and the context. Through this philosophy I strive to explore new musical possibilities, connecting different genres with improvisation as a basis.

More links: – An album by my trio Jonis Express

About the project:

“In this project I will perform a set of my own compositions and arrangements that are based on written and improvised parts. This concept opens up for a present musical experience, both for the listener and the performer. With the written material as a basis, I strive to create improvisational soundscapes that make the listener rock into the calm.”

I got the opportunity to capture this solo-project in a recorded live concert: